Thursday, March 11

Featured Blog: Adams Apples

I wanted to introduce a fellow blogger in the small (but hopefully expanding) world of blogs relating to apples.  Adam is a connoisseur of apples and has taken the time to sample and write about many of the varieties found in orchards around his home in Massachusetts. His blog Adams Apples has been a joy to follow ever since I started my escapade into web-based apple research.  I find what he has to say insightful and always a good read.

 The list of apples Adam has reviewed is quite impressive and discussions of a variety often go well beyond describing the intricacies of an apple's flavor or consistency.  All the apple reviews are accompanied by a photo and often contain links to further resources about each apple.  The blog also contains a line of posts detailing what varieties of apple are good to eat each month of the year, although I imagine that can be challenging this time of year.  Some posts  branch out into discussions of other topics apple related, some of them scientific, some humorous and all provideing something valuable for those peering into the world of apples.  I imagine there are plenty of gems in the archives I have not yet taken the time to dig though, but don't just take my word for it, have a gander.


  1. You are very kind, Chris, thank you.

    Things get a bit thin on the ground this time of year, don't they? A good time to write about other apple web sites and blogs and other peripheral topics.

    Along those lines, I thought that the presentation that Kevin Hauser just posted, a kind of apple primer, was first rate, informative and fun. (Ken introduces and links to it at his blog.)

  2. I agree, Kevin Hauser's presentation has some great material, pictures ect.