Wednesday, January 5

Warmer Days Ahead

The winter season is often a time to hunker down, do some good reading and thoughtful contemplation.  Reflect on the year gone by and plan for the coming seasons.  It is also a time to take a trip to warmer climates, for some of us lucky enough to find the time and means to to travel.  For the next few weeks I will be taking a hiatus from the blog and from the blustery weather of central New York, to travel again to Mexico and Guatemala.  To be honest, this hiatus may go largely unnoticed, being as I have not been as active in posting on my blog as I had imagined I would be in the slower winter months.  My apologies.
New York Winter
In other news, I have been giving a lot of thought to the coming spring even if the days are still short and there are still apples in the cellar.  I have been scheming with a few friends and planning a small orchard of sorts to be planted this coming spring on some land just outside of Ithaca.  With the wheels in motion, I have ordered a small number of dwarfing and semi-dwarfing rootstocks on which I hope to graft my first apple trees.  The whole process from the graft point up will be a huge learning experience.  Much of it is still in the planning and researching stages, but I am still excited to think ahead to sloppy March thaws and May blossoms.   

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