Monday, August 15


 The second variety to come ripe in the orchard, this early season apple took me by surprise.  Unlike many early varieties, I actually enjoyed eating this one.  It has amazing texture for an apple that is ripe in August and the flavor is still very acidic, but also sweet.  If it weren't still in the 80's I could almost be convinced I was eating a Goldrush.
Like its end-of-the-season counterpart, Pristine is also a product of the Purdue-Rutgers-Illinois (PRI) cooperative apple breeding program.  It was released for commercial planting in the mid '90s and luckily for me has shown resistance or immunity to Apple Scab, Fireblight, Powdery Mildew and Cedar Apple Rust. 
The other added benefit of this variety is that it has amazing storage properties for an early apple.  Even after days without refrigeration the apples still retained a great texture that varied only slightly from the first one I bit into straight off the tree. 


  1. Pristine is fantastic in a hot climate also, very tart, very sweet, very crisp; a shocking switch from the Galas. I'm surprised our brutal sun doesn't hurt the opalescent skin.

  2. In the cool, damp of W Washington, this apple shines, can hang on the tree for a month. 1 tree is not enough.

  3. I realy like it, and i wanna know a lot of thing than this, can you help me?