Monday, April 26

Introduction to Ithaca

The days are getting longer, the air sweeter and this past week I had a satisfying amount of time with my hands in the soil at the Ithaca Community Gardens.  As I get settled in here, I am starting to make contact with some of the local farms and orchards.  Little Tree Orchards about 8 miles outside of Ithaca, has been making a showing at the local farmers market and also presses cider that is sold at the food cooperative just down the street from me.  They were still selling a few varieties from last years harvest including Northern Spy, which I grabbed for a snack as I perused the rest of the market this past Saturday.  They also offer an "Apple a Day" CSA.  West Haven Farm is located just up the road from me and grows organic apples as part of there larger market-garden and CSA program.  They were also at the farmers market this past Saturday, offering some of last year's Ida Reds.  Black Diamond Farm, in near-by Trumansburg or T-burg as it is called by the locals, raises as variety of heirloom apples and also devotes a section of their orchard to antique French and English apples grown for hard cider.  They sell their crop at the farmers market during the harvest season. 
Although I have recently come under the employ of the vegetarian classic Moosewood Restaurant here in Ithaca, I still plan on finding time to spend in some of the local orchards this summer.  Come picking season I hope to find myself, at least some days, with a picking bag over my shoulders and an apple in hand.

On a side note, I went ramp hunting in the rain yesterday and returned with a good "crop."  Ramp pesto, ramp Quiche and pickled bulbs are a few of the items on the menu.  Hooray for spring!

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  1. It's very cool that you are at Moosewood.

    Do you expect to return to New Hampshire this fall?