Saturday, April 10

On the Move

If I seem to be a bit remiss in my blogging as of late it is because most of my attention is going into moving myself and my few, but spread out possessions to Ithaca, NY.  This move is the culmination of a rather long hiatus from routine and normalcy, which has been largely a blessing, but has also given me a craving for certain inalienable domestic habits and the desire for community.  The next few days will be filled with packing driving (one more road trip) and the inevitable unsettledness that accompanies settling.    

 Ithaca Falls, Ithaca, NY

I am looking forward to being so near one of the epicenters of the apple world.  The state of NY itself has a long relationship with the apple.   S. A. Beach's Apples of New York, is a wonderful example of the magnitude and importance of that relationship.  Cornell University in Ithaca NY has been the birth place of varieties such as Empire, Liberty, Cortland, Jonagold and Macoun among many others.  With a number of orchards in the area I have little doubt I will be able to feed my picking addiction.
I also hope to explore the New York State Agricultural Experiment Station at Geneva where, if I am lucky, I could wander down the many rows of wild and heirloom apple varieties.
With spring comes a new beginning.  I am looking forward to putting may hands in the dirt!  See you in New York.


  1. If you do make it to the NY Ag Experiment Station, tell Dr. Susan Brown hello for me.


  2. I'll see you there, friend.

  3. I might be heading up to your neck of the woods this August. I'll look you up then...until then, if you need to visit/vacate to NC, shout at me.